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March 2011

Our new container has just arrived and we are busy stacking our shelves right now.

All your favourite products are back in stock. Check out these new products which are in our shops in:

  • Duncraig (Ph: 9246 7444)
  • Clarkson (Ph: 9408 6655)
  • Malaga (Cookies & More - Ph: 9248 2122)
  • Wangara (Ph: 9309 9200)
Easter fun!

Hens Eggs
$6.99 (6 eggs)

Marshmallow Eggs
$9.80 (24 eggs)
$14.49 (48 eggs)

* New Product *

Tender, juicy Squid (from Namibia)
$14.99 for 1kg

Recipe for the best salt-'n-pepper squid

500g squid (cleaned, and cut into rings)
150g corn flour
150g plain flour
50g roasted peppercorns (grounded)
30g chilli flakes
30g good sea salt

Mix all the ingredients (except the squid) together.
Put flour mixture in a large plastic bag, and add the squid.
Shake the bag to cover the squid completely with the flour mixture.
Remove the squid from the bag, shaking it lightly to remove excess flour.
Fry in oil that has been preheated to 180 degrees.

Our biltong and droë wors are still the best in Perth!
Only $45.99/kg

Lean and Fatty Biltong
Chilli Stokkies

Droë Wors